Best Golf Rangefinders For Seniors

best rangefinder for seniors

All of your friends have these fancy new golf rangefinders that are giving them an accurate distance to the pin. Their games have improved, they are seeing results knowing the exact yardages, and you are still pacing out to the nearest sprinkler head. Maybe you are concerned with being able to see the display or hold the unit steady enough to capture the accurate yardage to a pin. The good news is that there are golf rangefinder options for senior golfers. In this best golf rangefinder for seniors article, we will provide you a little extra information about what makes a golf rangefinder work or not work is essential.

Key Features To Consider

Here are a few things you will want to keep in mind when doing your research for the perfect golf rangefinder for the senior player.


The golf rangefinder will give you perfect yardage and then display it for you to read. Even if you were able to spot the flag, you would still need to be able to read the number that it gives you. Some rangefinders will display the yardage on the outside of the unit, and others will show it in the lens. Make sure to look for a golf rangefinder with a large display where you will be able to read the yardage properly. If you are someone who wears glasses, make sure that the rangefinder you purchase works well for lenses.


Manufacturers of golf laser rangefinders all have some kind of pin seeking technology. The laser rangefinder is capable of scanning the area and determining the most likely target you are looking for. In addition to the PinSeeker technology, look for something that vibrates when you’re on the target. The vibration can give you the feedback you need if your eyesight is not perfect. These also work wonders for golfers with shaky hands.


Laser rangefinders are being made more and more compact each year. This is great for the younger player that wants to keep the laser rangefinder in his pocket while playing. A smaller size unit is not so great for the older player with shaky hands trying to steady their hands. As a senior golfer, it makes sense to go with a larger rangefinder. Choose something with a case that will be easy to grip and will protect the unit should it potentially drop.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Callaway Hybrid Laser-GPS Rangefinder

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The Callaway Hybrid Laser-GPS Rangefinder is a high-quality rangefinder perfect for the senior golfer. Similar to a Bushnell, this Callaway has Pin Acquisition Technology giving the golfer some help in narrowing in on the target. Our favorite thing about this unit is that it is also a GPS. As a senior golfer, you may have days where you are frustrated, trying to spot the flag, and you may want to give up. This Callaway Hybrid allows you to give up and switch to the GPS mode. The GPS comes preloaded with over 38,000 global golf course maps. These courses are on here for free, and you will not need to pay a yearly subscription for them. The GPS display on the outside of the unit is easy to read.

  • Laser rangefinder or GPS rangefinder
  • Pin Acquisition technology helping you zoom in on the pin
  • Preloaded with 38,0000 golf courses and free updates

Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

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One of the Bushnell models was bound to make our list. The Bushnell rangefinders have been leading the way for golf rangefinders for many years. This particular Pro X2 option is one that we particularly like for seniors. In addition to having Jolt technology that will let you know as soon as you have zeroed in on the pin, there are two color displays to choose from. If you happen to see black or red better, you will have the ability to toggle back and forth between those two. Slope can be turned on and off with this rangefinder, making it perfectly acceptable to use in tournament play. This Bushnell is on the larger side with an excellent rubber grip on the outside to make sure you feel stable with it in your hands.

  • Dual display technology
  • Slope feature can be turned on and off
  • Easy to use with eyeglasses

If you would like to discover more options from Bushnell, check out the Bushnell Tour V4.

Garmin Approach S20, GPS Golf Watch

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With our final option, we went a little outside the box. If you don’t think that a laser rangefinder is right for you but would still like some valuable information without having to pace off your yardages, this Garmin Approach S20 could do the trick. This watch costs less than a rangefinder, and although the yardage is not precisely to the pin, it’s much less frustrating. It is also much easier to read.

  • Easy to read display
  • Won’t need much programming
  • Don’t need to find the pin

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Senior golfer

There is no reason that seniors should be excluded from the golf laser rangefinder game. Plenty of units are out there to get you your yardages and make your golf game that much better. When looking for the best golf rangefinder for you, consider something with a larger display, a unit that has an excellent grip on it, and some type of pin seeker technology.