How To Maintain Your Golf Rangefinder

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Let’s face it, a golf range finder is a pretty pricey piece of equipment. The better models can cost just as much as a new Driver. With a Driver, you know how to take care of it. Keep the headcover on, watch out for the graphite shaft, wipe it down after a round. When it comes to a rangefinder, you may not know the best practices for cleaning and maintaining this new piece of equipment. There are some steps you should take to make sure you get many seasons out of this incredibly helpful device.

Storing and Keeping Your Rangefinder Safe 

When not in use …

When you are not using your rangefinder, you want to make sure of a few key things to keep it in excellent working condition.

#1 Keep the rangefinder Away from Direct Sunlight

Keeping your rangefinder away from direct sunlight is a great tip of advice even when it is in use. If you grab your rangefinder and it feels hot to the touch, it is time to get that put away and cooled off.

#2 Battery Removal

Although it is not necessary to remove the battery on your rangefinder after every round, if you will be storing it for an extended period, the battery should come out.

#3 Storage Spot

Try to store your rangefinder in a clean, dry place. Keep it away from dust and direct sunlight as much as possible. Don’t store your rangefinder in your car or golf cart as going over bumps or a jolt of the golf cart could cause it to damage if it happens continually.

#4 Carrying Case

When you purchased your rangefinder it likely came with a carrying case. If it did not, there are options available that you could choose to buy. The carrying case is there for a reason, use it to protect your rangefinder when you are not using it.

When traveling …

If you are headed out of town to play some golf, you are most likely going to want to bring that range finder along. You can leave the rangefinder in your golf bag or your suitcase, but you will want to make sure you have it in its carrying case.

The BOBLOV Golf Rangefinder Case is a perfect option for a replacement case. This BOBLOV comes with a waterproof and shockproof case that also will attach to your golf bag. This case is compatible with many of the top name brand rangefinders. The low cost certainly makes this a much easier purchase than having to replace your rangefinder because of inadequate treatment.

If your rangefinder were to fall while inside a carrying case, the damage done would be much less extensive than a direct fall without the case; treating the rangefinder with care at all times is the best way to ensure longevity. Everybody drops things from time to time, just be aware and try to prevent this as much as possible. When traveling, we highly recommend putting your rangefinder inside your golf bag or your suitcase. Leaving it hooked on the side of your bag leaves it susceptible to damage while in the care of the airline.

Cleaning Your Golf Rangefinder

After a round of golf, you make sure that your golf clubs are perfectly clean before putting them back away. Rangefinders are just another piece of golf equipment. They need to be shown equal care and concern.

How to Clean The Golf Rangefinder Body 

There are a few key things that need to be done when cleaning a rangefinder. For the body of the rangefinder you are going to want to remove and visible dirt, dust, and rust that is accumulating.

How to Clean the Lens on a Golf Laser Rangefinder

The golf laser rangefinder lens needs to be cleaned not just for upkeep but also so that you can use your laser rangefinder properly. The most important thing to remember when working with the lens is to use the correct material. If you clean a lens with paper or abrasive material, it will scratch it and ruin your rangefinder.

A simple Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes should do the trick to help remove marks, bacteria, dirt, and germs as well. These wipes can also be used on your eyeglasses, sunglasses, and cell phone. They come in individually wrapped packets that make it super easy to put a few in your golf bag.

If you have a difficult to remove hair or fiber on the lens of your golf laser rangefinder you can use a lens cleaning brush. A lens cleaning brush has two ends that will help you clean your rangefinder. One side works on smudges and thumbprints, and the other side will work to remove dust, fibers, and a stay hair. A lightweight, simple tool that could easily fit in one of those 37 pockets on your golf bag. Getting fingerprints off as soon as possible is imperative as the oils can leave permanent etchings on your lens.

Changing Batteries and Repairing 

Proper battery care is essential to maintaining the life of your rangefinder. The most important things to remember when it comes to batteries are…

  • Don’t leave batteries in when you are not using rangefinder for a long time
  • Be very careful how you place batteries in, you can short circuit your rangefinder with poor battery placement
  • Batteries will last a lot longer when not exposed to extreme temperature changes. It might be worth taking the rangefinder inside with you as opposed to leaving it in the trunk of your car.
  • When it comes to changing batteries on your rangefinder make sure you are using the proper type and that you remove and replace carefully. The owner’s manual you received with your rangefinder will give specific directions.
  • Some rangefinder will come with standard batteries that you can find in any local store. Others will use more challenging to find camera batteries that you can find at a local camera shop, battery store, or Amazon or eBay.


  • Anytime your rangefinder needs a repair, it is essential to send it to the manufacturer. Rangefinders are not something that can be worked on at home and tinkered with.
  • Most major manufacturers will sell their rangefinder with a warranty that should cover you for several years. Bushnell is not just a great name because of their products but also because of the company that stands behind them.

In Closing…

Rangefinders are by no means challenging to care for. Golfers just need to remember that they are slightly more fragile than a sand wedge that you toss out of the bunker after a shot. Invest in an exceptional case, use it, and make it a habit/routine to clean your rangefinder after each round. Aside from just maintenance, it will be ready to use and get you the yardage you need at the start of your next round.

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