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There is no question that Bushnell is one of the best golf rangefinders. Bushnell also leads the way for several other types of rangefinders, but we will focus on golf. The tricky part about this is not whether or not to choose a Bushnell, but which Bushnell to choose. Each model has its benefits, and some will work for different types of golfers. We will break down some of this information for you to help clear up the confusion related to this decision.

What Are The Options?

Bushnell Pro X2

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Includes PinSeeker with Jolt Technology, slope switch technology, Dual display technology, and the Bushnell Golf App included

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Bushnell Tour V4 Shift Slope

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PinSeeker with Jolt Technology, Slope can be turned on and off, more compact model, easy to operate.

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Bushnell Tour X Laser

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PinSeeker with Jolt Technology, Slope can be turned on and off, Rainproof and waterproof, can be adjusted for different lighting conditions.

Bushnell Pro XE

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PinSeeker with jolt, premium model, slope and slope with elements, waterproof and dual display, magnetic case to attach to cart, one of the most advanced options on the market.

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Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

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Works as a golf GPS and a Laser Rangefinder, accurate within one yard, comes with preloaded golf courses.

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Bushnell V4 Jolt

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PinSeeker with jolt does not have slope function, lower-priced model, compact model.

Our Recommendations

Now that we have given you a general idea as to the models that are currently available, let’s break down which one might work best for your game. Every model that we have discussed does have the Bushnell Pinseeker with Jolt technology. This is important to keep in mind as it is one of the best reasons to go with a Bushnell unit. Finding accurate distances can be tricky, but these laser rangefinders do a great job of letting you know when you have hit your target.

Best Value

If you don’t care about slope compensation technology and you want an accurate and straightforward point-and-shoot golf laser rangefinder, the V4 jolt is the way to go. This is an affordable option, but you are still getting tremendous value. This rangefinder comes with access to the Bushnell app, it is accurate to within a yard, and it can read up to 400 yards away.

Best Value With Slope

The Tour V4 Shift is your best value option if you would still like the option of slope on your golf rangefinder. This is a smaller unit but it is still very capable. This model has a fast focus system to help you narrow in on the target a bit quicker and it comes with the standard Bushnell PinSeeker with Jolt technology. This rangefinder is water-resistant but not waterproof, so you won’t want to use it in heavy rain.

Best for Senior/Poor Vision

Hybrid rangefinders are ideal for senior golfers who may struggle with using a rangefinder. People who struggle with rangefinders include those with shaky hands and those who have trouble seeing. The Bushnell Hybrid is a mix between a laser rangefinder and a golf GPS unit. This option comes preloaded with thousands of golf courses and will likely have your local golf course on it. The hybrid can get you a yardage up to 400 yards, but it does not have the slope function.

Best for Tournament Player

If you are a low handicap player that needs every advantage in technology, the Pro XE is the choice for you. This model has everything all other Bushnell models have, and more! This model will come at an increased cost, but if you are using all of the features, the price is more easily justified. In addition to Pinseeker with Jolt technology, this unit also has what they call visual jolt. Visual jolt is a red ring that will flash, letting you know you have zeroed in on the intended target. The Pro XE slope feature also takes into consideration the barometric pressure and the temperature when it gives its readings. Although players can’t use this in a tournament, there is a lot of useful information you can learn from using these features during practice. The Bushnell Pro XE is fully waterproof and has a magnetic grip on the outside that will mount right to the cart.

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There is no question that Bushnell sells some of the best golf rangefinders. There is a model for almost every player imaginable. Some will say that they are still expensive, even in the non-slope versions, but this is a product that you won’t have to replace any time soon.

The PinSeeker technology that Bushnell now puts in all of its rangefinders will help you not only get an accurate yardage, but you will find it fast. Most of these rangefinders will have a number for you in just a few seconds. A Bushnell is an investment into your golf game, just like a new fairway wood or putter would be. If you take care of a Bushnell rangefinder, you can have it for years!

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