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Some golf rangefinders are made by golf companies, and others are made by rangefinder companies. Leupold is a rangefinder company that specializes in rangefinders across several different sports. Even though their name may not be well known in the golf industry, they are well known across the country for the quality of their build, accuracy, and quality. Choosing which Leupold model is correct for you can be a difficult decision. We will narrow down the pros and cons of each individual model.


Leupold GX-5i3

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Top of the line model, higher-priced, 6x magnification, fog mode, one-touch scan, taking slope mode to another level by including ambient temperature and the altitude, pin hunter laser technology, club selector features.

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Leupold GX-2i3

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One step down from the top, has slope mode, 6x magnification, one-touch scan, pin hunter laser technology, prism lock technology


Leupold Pin Caddie 2

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Less features than other two models, one-touch scan mode, pin hunter laser technology, LCD, easy to replace CR2 lithium battery, compact size


Our Recommendations

One of the most significant differences you will see between the Leupold models is the pricing. There are reasons behind why the pricing changes so much between each model. Here are our picks for the best bargain price option, best value, fully loaded feature rich model.

Best Bargain Price Option

The Pin Caddie 2 is the bargain-priced model put out by Leupold. The fact that this is the lower price model does not mean that it is cheap, and it does not mean that it comes without features. The Pin Caddie 2 comes with an easy to replace CR2 battery and 6x magnification. The LCD on the Pin Caddie 2 makes your very accurate yardage very easy to see.

The Pin Caddie 2 does not have slope features. Pin Caddie 2 features a one touch scan mode that will allow you to scan multiple areas all at once. Although the Pin Caddie can get a yardage form up to 800 yards away, it is incredibly accurate within 350 yards. If you are looking for a quick and easy golf rangefinder to use this Pin Caddie 2

Best Value

If you are looking for a mix of features and value, the GX 2i is a perfect Leupold Golf laser rangefinder for you. This unit has a long list of positives, including the ability to turn on and off-slope, 6x magnification, and one-touch scan mode.

This is a complete tournament legal rangefinder that will give you extremely accurate yardage. It has a bright display (although not as advanced as the GX 5i), and you will also get the pin hunter laser technology. If you need a fast and accurate yardage, the GX 2i can get it for you. This model, although the middle of the road option, is still quite pricey as far as golf rangefinders are concerned but if you need something with the slope feature you will be happy with the GX 2i.

Fully Loaded Feature Rich Model

The Leupold GX 5i model is not just the most high end and feature rich model put out by Leupold, but it could be one of the best models on the market. There is no question that this Leupold model is like having a caddie with you at all times. Not only does it have one touch scan mode and an OLED display, this unit will actually tell you which club to hit.

The Leupold GX 5i takes slope to a whole other level. In addition to accounting for incline, the GC 5i takes into account both temperature and the altitude to give you perhaps the most accurate yardage you have ever had.

When you combine the enhanced slope technology with the club selector features, you are going to run out of excuses as to why you missed your target. With the club selector feature, you simply put in your distances for your 4, 6, and 8 iron, and from that point forward, the GX 5i will give you an idea of which club you should be hitting after it delivers the yardage. Having doubts about your golf swing can be detrimental to your game. There is no question that the GX 5i should eliminate all doubts you have regarding yardage.


All three Leupold models will get you a more accurate distance to the pin than your own pacing will do. There is no question that these are high quality machines capable of much more than a bargain priced golf rangefinder. This is an investment in your game that you will keep with you for years. The GX 5i model is one of the more expensive range finders on the market, but it truly is like having a caddy with you on the course. If this is something you feel would help your game, it is certainly a model to look into.