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Have you noticed that your yardages always seem to be a few yards off. If your distance to a pin is off by about four yards, that equates to twelve feet on the green. So maybe your shot was going to be about 15 feet and now it’s 27 feet from the pin.

This is a big difference, and your chances of making that putt are severely decreased. Golf rangefinders will help you to narrow in your yardage, but they come at a cost. Luckily the Precision Pro Golf Rangefinders have kept your budget in mind. The three Precision Pro Golf Rangefinders that we will review come at an outstanding value for the product you receive.

If you only know the Nikon and Bushnell names and you are nervous about straying away, this review will give you all the information you need to make your decision.

What are the options? 

NX9 HD Slope

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Premium model with slope function, accurate to within one yard, pulse vibration, and target acquisition. Two-year warranty, water-resistant and free batteries for life


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Precision Pro NX7 Pro Slope

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Step down from the cost of the HD slope model, two-year warranty, free batteries for life. Pulse vibration, slope, nonslip grip,


Precision Pro NX7

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Non-slope, simple, compact design, pulse vibration, accurate to within one yard.

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Precision Pro Nexus

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Bargain model, priced lower than most other golf rangefinders available, accurate to 400 yards, does not have pulse vibration but does have target acquisition

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Our Recommendations

Most Advanced for the Lower Handicap Player: NX9 HD Slope

It’s not to say that this model will not work for a higher handicap player. It is merely that the features and functions offered will significantly appeal to the lower handicap golfer. The NX9 HD Slope will come with slope function and the ability to turn it on and off. The NX9 has a rebate for existing owners looking to take advantage of a trade-in on a new model.

One of the features we love the most with the NX9 is the built-in magnetic cart mount and shockproof design. Rangefinders need to be cared for, and sometimes during a round, that can be difficult. Precision took precautions when building this high-end model to make it as durable as it is accurate.

The NX9 is accurate to within a yard from over 400 yards away. With a two year warranty and free batteries for life, this model is an excellent option for the person looking for the more expensive and high-end model.

Best Bargain Price Model: Nexus

The Precision brand rangefinders are well known for being better priced than the Bushnell and Nikon Rangefinders. Some say they function just as well, and others will hold brand loyal to the Bushnell. The lowest-priced bargain model that Precision puts out is called the Nexus.

If you are looking for a model packed with features and high-end technology, this is not going to be your best pick. If you are looking for a perfect yardage without spending as much as a newly released driver, you will be happy with the Nexus rangefinder.

This Nexus model will only come with a one year warranty. Although this warranty is not quite as long as some of the other models, for the price of the rangefinder it is hard to argue.

Best Value: NX7 Pro Slope

If you don’t want to break the bank, but you do want some additional features, the NX7 Pro Slope is the perfect option. This model can turn slope on and off, making it perfectly legal for tournament play. You will get the benefits of the Adaptive Slope Technology, which will give you an exact yardage to the pin taking all things into consideration.

The NX7 Pro Slope is very reasonably priced for the fact that it is a slope model. This unit is accurate to within 1/10 of a yard from about four hundred yards away. Although other models may give you distances from 800-1200 yards, ask yourself how often you would need this type of a yardage.

This model comes with a two-year warranty, free battery replacements for life, and a quick, exact yardage to your target. We recommend this unit out of all the precision units currently available.


Precision batteries

Precision golf is not the most well known when it comes to golf rangefinders. Figuring out why their models are not talked about as often as a Bushnell or Nikon is a tough one. The Precision golf rangefinders have a model for every level of player.

When it comes to customer service and support, it’s hard to question a company that gives free batteries for life and trade-in credits towards upgrades. If you are struggling to find a rangefinder that fits your needs and your budget, take a serious look at the Precision.