Best Golf Rangefinders For Using With Glasses

golfer with glassesGolf Rangefinders are an extremely effective way to help lower your golf score. Knowing your exact location to a pin leaves no excuses for a missed yardage. As easy as rangefinders are to use, using a golf rangefinder and wearing glasses can be kind of awkward. Sometimes there are glare issues, and other times it’s purely a vision problem. Regardless of if you are wearing prescription glasses or sunglasses, here are some range finders that work well for use with glasses.

The two main things that will help people who wear glasses are an eyepiece that is receptive to a glass lens and a diopter adjustment. Not all models are going to be compatible, and you will be stuck taking your glasses off.

What Are The Best Golf Rangefinders For Glasses?

Usability and Comfort

Allows you to access the eyepiece even with glasses on, technology to help you find the pin quickly. 

Bushnell Tour V4

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The Bushnell Tour V4 is a high quality rangefinder. This model is available with the slope feature and without. Bushnell has always been a leading name in range finders. Regardless of it is for golf, hunting, or bird watching, Bushnell rangefinders have an option for anyone. Most people with both glasses and sunglasses say that this model works without any issues. 

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Leupold GX-2i3 Golf Rangefinder

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The Leupold rangefinder ranks very high for ease of use and visibility. Although not explicitly made for a player with glasses, it is very quick to get you your exact distance. This range finder provides accuracy to within 1/10th of a yard. With pin hunter technology, this rangefinder works to block out background images and focus on the pin.

Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder with Slope

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The Precision Pro rangefinder is easy to use a simple design that will help you get accurate distances even when you wear glasses on sunglasses. This model works very well pressed up against your lense. The unit can work up to 400 yards away and gets a very quick number. 


Vision Adjustment for Players

Optical zoom to help make it easier to see even if you don’t have your glasses on. 

Bozily Golf Rangefinder

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Not only is the Bozily a very versatile and reasonably priced option, but it also has a diopter adjustment for players who are either near or farsighted. The Bozily is the best value rangefinder as it retails for less than $150, and with four different scan modes, it can work for other things besides golf. 

SUAOKI Updated Version Golf Rangefinder

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The Suaoki brand has always done a great job of taking care of the players with vision issues. This Suaoki is built with an easy to use diopter adjustment and six times magnification. The range finder also has an LCD on the outside of the unit for an even more natural way to see your yardage. 

Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder

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This is a very cool machine. It is a combination of a golf GPS rangefinder and a laser rangefinder. The Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder is accurate to within one yard; it has two battery sources so you can choose what works best for you, and it comes preloaded with over 30,000 golf courses. What we like best about this rangefinder is the versatility. If you are wearing your glasses one day and struggling with the eyepiece, you can use the digital display on the side. If you are wearing contacts another day, you can use the eyepiece. 

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man on buggy cart with glassesAlthough these models are great, not every player will find that they work for them. Depending on the vision issues you have and how severe they are, golf rangefinders may not work well for you.

There are a few things you can do to get your yardage quickly:

#1 Try playing with contacts and not glasses. If you have never tried this, it can be an excellent thing for all parts of your game. Sometimes you will have an easier time seeing the ball at address with contacts as well. 

#2 Instead of laser rangefinders, you may want to look into golf GPS watches or something similar on your phone. If you can read your phone or a small screen, you will be able to read the yardages on these devices. The downside is that the yardage will likely be to the center, front, and back of the green and not directly to the pin. If you can’t see the yardage, the laser rangefinder gives you a number to the middle of the green will be much more beneficial! 

All of the golf rangefinders we recommended for people with glasses are great products with very high-end features and capabilities. If we had to pick an overall favorite, it would very likely be the SUAOKI Updated Version Golf Rangefinder. This model was made with the idea that not all people will be looking through the lens with their bare eye, and not all people have 20/20 vision. 

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