Precision Pro Nexus Laser Rangefinder Review

For the money, the Precision Pro Nexus is one of the best laser rangefinders to hit the market and lend a hand out on the links. It is highly accurate and putting it to use is easy as could be.

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No matter how experienced and well-practiced you are as a golfer, locking in on the pin amidst the elements, weather and the many factors out of our control as golfers can be difficult.  Because of that, many of us find our way to laser rangefinders which can be pricey and hard to sift through the options.

After coming across the Precision Pro Nexus laser rangefinder and seeing it billed a budget rangefinder, I was naturally curious. At first, I was somewhat cautious as I hadn’t known much about it as with some other rangefinders, but as time went on and it garnered more attention, I had to get my hands on it myself.


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The new Nexus laser rangefinder, the Precision Pro, is a simple budget rangefinder that is highly accurate for the price and easy to use for golfers both casual and die hard. This small, 7.9 ounce laser rangefinder is extremely easy to use and is as portable as they come.

It is tournament ready and legal and is useful for any golfer looking for a little more accuracy. It comes with a pouch for carrying it and a one year warranty.

  • Strong advanced target lock
  • 400 yard range
  • Competition legal
  • Durable and compact
  • No pulse vibration
  • The lens is a little small

Features & Benefits

Simple and Smart

The first and one of the most notable features of the Precision Pro Nexus is that it is extremely easy to use. Upon unboxing and taking it out of the pouch it comes with, you’ll notice how easy it is to set up and operate.

It has a nice, small, rubber grip that isn’t going anywhere and feels good in your hands. Because it only has two buttons that turn it off and on and cycle between the two modes that it has, it is really easy to get the hang of. If you are familiar with other laser rangefinders or previous Precision Pro offerings, you’ll probably recognize the set up.

Because of its low price, accuracy and ease of use, the Nexus seems to be one of best budget laser rangefinders that are out there right now.

Advanced Target Lock Function

Possibly the most important aspect of a laser rangefinder is its ability to lock onto a target. The Nexus rangefinder excels in this department with its advanced target lock feature.

One of the trickiest parts of using a laser rangefinder and where many fail but the Nexus prevails is the ability to filter out and ignore background obstacles and objects. The advanced target lock function lets you zero in on your target.

Once you zero in on your target, a little flag icon will pop up on your screen letting you know that you are good to go. Something I find infinitely useful about the Precision Pro Nexus is that it streamlines everything and makes it all about the user.


The Nexus rangefinder also has superior and dynamic optics for a clear view on the course. Living up to the name Precision Pro, the 6x magnification that the Nexus offers makes it easy to punch in on the pin from far away.

Better yet, the image is quite clear eliminating some of the guess work that can come along with inferior optics on other rangefinders. The 6x magnification is not far off from what you could expect to find in laser rangefinders that are even pricier or carry more features, and in my experience, it is definitely reliable.

You can easily adjust and shift focus using the eye piece and you will probably find that you don’t even need to punch-in to full magnification in most cases, but it is nice to have, nonetheless. Either way, it comes in handy when you are able to take your time and line up a shot properly and having the range of magnification is a definite help.

Dynamic Scanning Technology

Essentially offering the opposite effect as the advanced target lock feature, the Nexus’ dynamic scanning technology let’s you swap from target to target while maintaining the same reliability.

The Precision Pro Nexus is capable of scanning the entire surrounding area around your target and giving you multiple measurements. This is useful when you have some sort of knowledge in regard to the elements or slope that maybe the Nexus isn’t picking up on and you would rather not utilize the advanced target lock function.

Range and Battery

The Precision Pro Nexus laser rangefinder provides just enough yardage range to suit just about any round of golf you will be playing. With a maximum of 400 yards, the Nexus rangefinder is able to accurately read more than you will realistically even need to while out on the links, and it is quite accurate.

The Nexus rangefinder is also accurate up to 1 yard, so you can trust that your measurements are steering you in the right direction and on, or below, par.

And as mentioned above, the high-quality optics and magnification makes seeing the full 400-yard range quite clear and dependable. Compared to some of the more elaborate and pricier laser rangefinders on the market, the Nexus holds up just as well as far as performance goes with the major difference being less of some of the bells and whistles.

One nice added feature to the Nexus rangefinder is that your battery life will be displayed right on the screen. That doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but if you have used several other rangefinders you have probably noticed that is not common but is a welcome feature.

It doesn’t come with an extra rechargeable battery, but because it is a CR2 battery, you won’t have trouble finding one either in a store or online. If you are wondering how to replace the battery on the Precision Pro Nexus, the manufacturer has actually put out a quick video online that makes it easy for anyone.


Check out this video to discover what’s included with the Precision Pro Nexus.


There are a few other laser rangefinders from Precision Pro that are also worth giving a shot.

Precision NexusPrecision NX7 Pro
Precision NX7 Pro Slope
Precision NX9 HD Slope
Slope measurementNoNoYesYes
Yard Range

1. Precision NX7 Pro

The Precision NX7 pro is another rangefinder with the same yardage and magnification as the Nexus. The NX7 has vibration technology which adds to its value and price and is accurate up to .1 yards.

  • The Nexus has no vibration technology while the NX7 pro does
  • The Nexus is accurate up to 1 yard and the NX7 pro is accurate up to .1 yards

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2. Precision NX7 Pro Slope

The Precision NX7 pro Slope offers slope measurement and vibration technology. It is also accurate up to .1 yards unlike the Nexus, but they both have same total maximum yardage.

  • The NX7 pro Slope has slope technology, the Nexus does not
  • The NX7 pro Slope has more accurate yardage than the Nexus as well as jolt tech

3. Precision NX9 HD Slope

The Precision NX9 HD Slope has 7x magnification and slope technology. It is accurate up to 1 yard like the Nexus, but the NX9 HD Slope has an HD display, better optics and vibration technology.

  • NX9 HD Slope has an HD display and 7x magnification, Nexus has 6x
  • The Nexus has no slope capabilities, whereas the NX9 HD Slope has accurate slope abilities

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Q: How do I calibrate my Nexus Precision Pro?

You simply hit the power button, one of two buttons, and within seconds you will be able to start getting accurate measurements.

Q: Is it tournament friendly?

Yes, the Nexus rangefinder is tournament friendly and quite helpful. If there are no slope features or they can be turned off, a rangefinder is likely tournament legal.

Q: Is the Precision Pro Nexus really accurate?

Yes, it is definitely accurate and with the 400-yard range and accuracy up to a yard, it gives more than enough range for just about any golfer on any course.

Tech Specifications

Yard Range400 yards
Weight8.8 ounces
Battery typeCR2 battery

Final Thoughts

In closing, the Precision Pro Nexus is a quite the impressive laser rangefinder, even more so when stacked against its price tag. For a budget rangefinder the only thing separating the Nexus from pricier ones out there are some of the added frills that are often times not even necessary to begin with.

The simple two button set up makes it easy to use and both modes it offers are infinitely helpful. I will say that the advanced target lock feature will probably get the most use out of you, but either function should help your game.

With 6x magnification and accurate yardage, the Precision Pro Nexus removes much of the guesswork that goes down on the course.