Precision Pro NX7 Pro Review

Whether you’re an experienced professional or someone still learning to play the game, we’re sure you rely on accurate distance measurements to enhance your skills.

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A rangefinder device significantly helps players achieve quick, accurate measurements. But if the device is difficult to use, it might harm your game more than helping it.

With the Precision Pro NX7, golfers don’t have to fret about getting incorrect measurements or having trouble using the device. This rangefinder is one of the top products for multiple reasons, all of which we’ll learn about in this Precision Pro NX7 laser rangefinder review.

The Precision Pro NX7 laser rangefinder is perfect for beginners or professionals. In fact, it is suitable for tournaments and can help you win big. It features great extras and the brand is known for exceptional customer service – all the more reason to read about this splendid rangefinder.


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An upgraded version of the Precision Pro Nexus rangefinder, this device provides golfers with great user experience. It has a pleasant yet durable design, great accuracy and range specifications, and the best in town technology.

If you’ve been exploring the rangefinder market, you’d expect a high-quality product like this to come with a larger price tag. However, the Precision Pro NX7 Pro laser rangefinder is very reasonable

If you’re searching for a mid-range product that offers enough specs to get you simple but accurate readings, this is the perfect rangefinder for you. However, if you’re searching for more advanced specs, you might want to consider a newer, upgraded version.

  • This non-slope unit delivers great  results within a yard

  • TAG technology makes it reliable

  • Free lifetime battery replacement

  • The vibration feature can be a confidence booster

  • It can take new users some time to understand all the features

Features & Benefits

The following features, along with the benefits they provide, are what sets the Precision Pro NX7 apart from other types of rangefinders on the market.

Pulse Vibration and TAG Technology

The Precision Pro NX7 rangefinder doesn’t fall behind when it comes to technology.

TAG, or target acquisition technology, lets the device scan an object in the user’s field of view while staying focused on the main target. This feature, along with 6X magnification improves, the accuracy of measurements.

On the other hand, Pulse Vibration technology sends a short vibration to the user on shooting the target. This allows golfers to be sure what they see on the display is a successful measurement of the target, giving them more confidence in their shots.

The rangefinder will lock onto a flag and give golfers the assurance that they’ll be hitting the right target.

But, what caught our eye was the prestigious Adaptive Slope Technology that provides you with reliable slope calculations when you are on elevation. The rangefinder automatically displays the adjusted yardage. Plus, you can easily turn it off with just a button to ensure you can take part in tournaments.

Durability and Design

The Precision Pro NX7 does not disappoint when it comes to durability and design. It has a very ergonomic design which makes it easy to hold and use the unit. At only 8.8 ounces it is quite compact and will fit wonderfully into the palm of your hand.

The device is also very durable due to its water and fog resistance features. This means golfers don’t have to worry about adverse weather conditions stopping them from playing a great game.

Even in non-ideal conditions, the Precision Pro NX7 golf Rangefinder is going to give you reliable performance.

Range and Accuracy

This rangefinder promises to deliver incredible accuracy every time within the +/- 1 range. You can expect to get maximum yardage of above 400 yards. The device displays 1/10-yard measurements and allows you to choose between yards or meters. Hence, it’s truly international.

You will get quick, easy to read measurements in just two seconds.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

This rangefinder can be easily used with one hand, which makes things really convenient when you’re on the field. You don’t have to spend too much time figuring out how to operate the device.

Similarly, you won’t have to worry about your hands shaking as the device offers a snug fit.

Great Value for Money

The Precision NX7 Pro golf rangefinder is on the less-than-average end of the price range. Hence, it’s a very affordable rangefinder compared to others in the market. But, do not let the low price tag fool you as it comes with some amazing features.

There’s no compromise on quality or function and you will find almost everything on this unit that you expect from a rangefinder.

An Excellent Care Package

The Precision Pro NX7 laser rangefinder comes with a 2-year warranty and free lifetime battery replacement. Precision Pro has put forward this care package to ensure that users get the most out of their product.

The care package also includes some neat accessories such as a hard carrying case, lanyard, instruction manual, and cleaning cloth. These extras will make sure you can easily operate and take care of your rangefinder.

In addition to this, you will not have to worry about issues as Precision Pro offers exceptional customer service. You can get in touch with the company and they will respond to you within 2 business days if you ever face any issues with the product.

Social Proof

The following NX7 Pro Rangefinder reviews give highly positive feedback about the product.

Check out this video to discover what’s included with the NX7


Precision Pro NX7
Precision NexusPrecision NX7 Pro Slope
Yard Range
Accuracy+/- 1 yard+/- 1 yard+/- 1 yard
Slope measurementNoNoYes
Battery replacement servicesYesNoYes

1. Precision Nexus

The Precision Nexus has the same yardage, accuracy, and magnification properties as the Precision Pro NX7.

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The device is also a whole lot lighter as well, weighing just 2.08 ounces, and doesn’t feature slope measurement tools either.

Overall, the Precision Nexus is:

  • Lighter than the Precision Pro NX7
  • Has nearly the same specs

Read the full Precision Nexus Pro review

Check out the Precision Nexus rangefinder to decide for yourself if it’s the right choice.

2. Precision NX7 Pro Slope

The Precision NX7 Pro Slope is an enhanced version of the Precision NX7 golf rangefinder. It offers the same yardage, accuracy, and magnification along with an added slope measurement feature.

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This model has:

  • A higher price tag than the Precision Pro NX7
  • Nearly the same specs with an added slope feature

Explore the Precision NX7 Pro Slope to see if the design and features are in fact worth the higher price.


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No, it is only water-resistant.
The battery will last for about a year under normal use.
Yes, the device is USGA compliant since it is a slope-free model.

Tech Specifications

Yard Range400 yards
Accuracy+/- 1 yard
Main FeaturesTarget Acquisition technology
Pulse vibration technology
Waterproof?No, only water-resistant
Dimensions6 x 8 x 4 inches
Battery typeCR2 battery
Weight8.8 ounces
Warranty2-year warranty


When you’re on the field, you don’t want to compromise on your rangefinder’s quality or accuracy. But, you want the best without breaking the bank.

That’s why this rangefinder by Precision Pro is one of the most suitable options for golfers.

The Precision Pro NX7 Pro Rangefinder is an all-around solution to measurements on the golf course. The device is highly accurate, offers some neat technology features, and the best part, it comes at a reasonable price.

Now that you’re better equipped to make a purchasing decision, check out the Precision Pro NX7 Pro.