Precision Pro NX9 Review

Finding a laser rangefinder that is accurate and has all of the features that we need as golfers can be tough. Some may have bells and whistles but be inaccurate, and others are precise but lack the features. Luckily, the Precsion Pro NX9 gives the best of both worlds.

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Of all of the laser rangefinders that I have used over the years as an avid golfer, I can safely say that the Precision Pro NX9 HD Slope is one of the best and most well-rounded one that I have used. This Precision pro NX9 HD Slope review will highlight exactly why it is so impressive.


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The NX9 HD Slope is Precision Pro’s new laser rangefinder gives you crystal clear image out on the course while providing you with trustworthy measurements. Precision Pro’s new rangefinder is great for players looking to beef up their game by getting accustomed to measuring distances and getting that birdie.

Compared to Precision Pro’s last rangefinder, the NX7 Pro Slope, the NX9 offers higher magnification at 7x and replaced the 0.1-yard measurements with one yard measurements. This isn’t for the golfer just looking to have a better round, it’s for the golfer looking to improve their game long term by being able to pick up on the many factors that play into your ball’s flight path.

  • Wide and bright LCD screen for easy reading
  • Lightweight and small
  • Magnetic grip makes it easy to mount on golf cart
  • Sturdy and convenient carrying case included
  • Sometimes you may need to do a second measurement to be sure
  • It can be difficult to lock onto the pin sometimes in the wind or with shaky hands
  • Made of thin material that does not feel too strong


Features & Benefits

Easy To Use

The first thing that you won’t help but notice is how easy to use Precision Pro has made it. With only two buttons and a viewfinder, there is not a lot to decipher and toy around with while you are trying to get a good measurement.

One of the buttons is for cycling modes and the other is for flag shooting. You can switch the unit of measurement between yards and meters making it universally easy to understand. Compared to the NX7, the Precision Pro NX9 HD Slope gives much quicker readings.

If you have used the NX7 or NX7 Pro Slope you may remember that sometimes when you held those incarnations from the bottom you would have difficulty getting accurate measurements. That is no longer the case with the Precision Pro HD Slope.

Optically Powerful

The optics on the Pro NX9 are another step up from previous Precision Pro laser rangefinders. I have found that the NX9 is clearer than say, the NX7, and it even holds up just as well at the full 7x magnification.

Sometimes you may notice that the image gets slightly fuzzy around the edges and in the corner especially when punched in tight, but it always seems to be quite clear in the center where your target is.

Also convenient is the easy to read, clear LCD screen. It holds up well to a glare which can be a problem out on the course and does very well with sunlight. The only mild complaint about the LCD display is that it is not backlit making it slightly hard to read in some situations.

The display is slightly larger than on the NX7 and it is a welcome upgrade. The yardage or metric measurement is displayed at the top of the screen making it easy to read with a glance.


With precision being part of its name, it only makes sense that the NX9 HD Slope is precise. There a few things that Precision Pro has done to make the NX9 even more precise than some of its predecessors.

The NX9 is simply more accurate than ever before, giving you a 400-yard range that is correct within one yard.  It displays one-yard measurements and locking to the pin is easy. The Precision Pro NX9 also features pulse vibration tech that will let you know that you are locked on and ready to go.

Is the Precision Pro NX9 right absolutely every single time? No, and neither are any market laser rangefinders. I have found that it is accurate most of the time, leaving a little bit of room for times when it is slightly off or another measurement needs to be taken. I would confidently say it has a better track record than some of it’s also good ancestors.

Truly Portable and Trustworthy

Even more than other laser rangefinders, the Precision Pro NX9 HD Slope feels truly portable. Everything from its extremely light weight to the convenient carrying case and carabiner that it comes with contributes to it being easy to take with you.

Like many other recent laser rangefinders, the Precision pro NX9 HD Slope features a magnet mount on it that is perfect for mounting on your cart. It is a very strong magnet and I have never felt worried that it is going to launch from my cart like a projectile.

The NX9 also stands out with how light and small it is. It is just big enough to have a display that is easily legible while still being the size of most wallets. It feels good in the hand as well and is easy to grip.

You have to give it to Precision Pro for also offering free lifetime battery replacement which is more than generous. With that being said, I am expecting the battery to do well and last a while given its performance, but knowing I can get it replaced if necessary, makes me trust the NX9 HD Slope even more.

Slope Technology

Of course, it wouldn’t be a viable laser rangefinder if it didn’t have slope tech. The slope technology that the NX9 features is more accurate and trustworthy than past efforts and it makes a difference.

You can easily switch the slope mode with a touch of a button, and you should find that it measures the slope accurately most of the time. You can toggle between elevation slope and other modes with the easy two button system.

It is an improvement over older Precision Pro models such as the Nexus which did not feature slope technology, and while the NX7 Pro did feature slope tech, it was not quite as good as what is on display her with the NX9 HD Slope.


There are a few other Precision Pro laser rangefinders that are worth checking out.

Precision NX9 HD SlopePrecision NX7 Pro Slope
Precision NX7 Pro
Precision Nexus
Yard Range
Slope measurementYesYesNoNo

1. Precision NX7 Pro Slope

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The Precision Pro rangefinder that came before the NX9 Slope was the NX7 Pro Slope. While it has the same max yardage, it does not have the same wide and clear display as the NX9 HD Slope. With only 6x magnification, you won’t be able to see quite as far and not as clear of an image.

  • The NX9 HD Slope offers 7x magnification while the NX7 Pro Slope offers 6x
  • NX9 HD Slope gives one-yard measurements and NX7 Pro Slope gives .1-yard measurements

2. Precision NX7 Pro

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Before that came the standard NX7 Pro. It is a great rangefinder but lacks some of the bonus features of the NX9. The NX7 Pro does not have slope measurement. It still measures a 400-yard range and with 6x magnification it isn’t too far off from the NX9 HD Slope.

The NX7 Pro is a good alternative for golfers looking to stay on budget and use it as a basic rangefinder, or golfers that already have a trusty eye for slope and don’t need the added tech. The precision pro NX9 HD vs NX7 pro is essentially just an upgraded an improved successor.

  • The NX7 Pro has no slope technology
  • The NX7 Pro has no magnet mount unlike the NX9

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3. Precision Pro Nexus

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Finally, the Precision Nexus is another alternative to the NX9. The Nexus is essentially the bare bones, lower tech version of the NX9. It has no slope tech and only has 6x magnification. It has a smaller display screen than the NX9.

The Nexus is a good option if you are looking for a basic but trustworthy rangefinder. It isn’t as varied as the NX9 HD Slope

  • No slope tech unlike the NX9
  • The Nexus has no pulse vibration feature

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Q: Does the NX9 HD Slope come with anything?

Yes, it comes with a carrying case, cleaning cloth and a lifetime battery replacement guarantee.

Q: Is it competition friendly?

If you turn off the slope measurement, it is tournament legal.

Q: Is it waterproof?

The Pro NX9 HD Slope is not waterproof, but it is water resistant.

Tech Specifications

Yard Range400 yards
Weight10 ounces
Battery typeCR2 3V battery
DisplayHD LCD display
DimensionsDimensions 1.5" x3 " x 4"