Control Your Shaking Hands When Putting

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Whether its Club Championships or a Round with friends, we’ve all felt nervous over that 3-foot putt, but what causes shaking hands? What impact does it have on your game? And, is there gear out there designed to help?

I will provide you with exercises and techniques, share my experiences as a coach and, take a look at gear specifically designed to combat shaky hands.

What Causes Shaky Hands?

There are several causes for shaky hands, but the most common is essential tremor It can run in the family but is generally associated with aging.

When performing an activity such as reaching for a glass or, in our case, putting.

Parkinson’s Disease tremors are another cause of shaky hands; however, they are typically present at rest when compared to essential tremors.

Shaky hands can also intensify with the overuse of alcohol and caffeine.

Exercises And Techniques To Overcome Shaky Hands

Having worked with professional athletes for nearly 20 years, one subject not touched upon enough is “goal orientation,” affecting performance.

The first primary type of goal orientation is the “task involved.” The goal here is to show improvement; success is realized when improvement is achieved.

The second type is “ego orientation.” This means players experience pressure due to whether they believe they can demonstrate competency while playing.

Players with “ego orientation” are caught up in winning; all that pressure leads to panic and inability to focus.

The outcome is that pressure is much less likely with “task involved” players. So the next time you are standing over that 3-foot putt – be “task involved.”

The Putting Stroke

The best putters in the world grip the putter lightly; I always teach my players to imagine holding a baby bird in your hand; that’s the amount of pressure you want on the grip.

Next, make sure you are in an excellent athletic position with your hands hanging just below your shoulders, feet, and pelvis parallel to the target line.

Remember, the putting stroke is a pendulum action like the gong on a grandfather clock. There should be little to no movement in the hands or wrists; this is vital, as under pressure, smaller muscles get twitchy, and that’s precisely what we don’t want, shaky hands.

Start the putting stroke with a rocking action; the emphasis here should be on using the shoulders to rock, not the hands and wrists; imagine a line from both shoulders down to your grip; it should resemble a perfect pyramid, pyramids are solid, this is what we want with our stroke.

Take the putter back, with a controlled rhythm, accelerate through, and make contact. The follow-through should be fifty percent further through than the takeback. Accelerating through mitigates your hands shaking. Again, think about riding a bike; the slower you pedal, the harder it is to keep balance, but the faster you pedal, the easier to keep a straight line.

Pre-Shot Routine

I have seen pre-shot routines change players’ games.

A pre-shot routine is a set of actions you religiously follow and execute before every stroke or shot. It’s designed to keep you “task-focused.”

The great thing about a pre-shot routine is you can take it to any course you play, anywhere, anytime.

Here is a brief snapshot of a pre-shot routine –

  1. Choosing your target
  2. Selecting your target line
  3. Making sure your set up is correct
  4. Give yourself a quick reminder, forget about making the putt, focus on building a good stroke, and leave the rest up to the golfing gods.

Like with any technique, the more you practice, the better it gets. In my experience, it usually takes anywhere between 4-8 weeks to be ingrained in your muscle memory.

The three techniques I have mentioned above, goal orientation, solid putting stroke, and pre-shot routine, are crucial. Like the chain on a bike, if one link breaks, you can not ride it.

Couple this with consistent practice and transform your putting stroke from shaking hands to smooth, rhythmical, and repeatable.

Best Gear To Stop Your Hands Shaking When Putting


Whether it’s your left-hand shaking or your right handshaking, below, I have selected three putters that, in my opinion, help to alleviate shaky hands in the putting stroke.

The S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women

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  • Stroke Balance Construction
  • Free Standing Address
  • Strike Dot

The S7 Putter allows you to align your grip perfectly every time. More than 80 percent of putts are missed due to the wrong alignment, so this is a great feature.

The Putter has remarkable balance and can stand on its own; a well-balanced putter will help stop your hands from shaking. With a built-in Impact Position and Strike Dot, the Putter gives confidence on each stroke and is Tournament Legal

The TaylorMade Spider X Copper/White Small Slant Putter

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  • Increased stability
  • Redesigned Weight Ports
  • Heavy Steel Frame
  • Quality Pedigree from Taylormade

The Spider X Copper is a steel-framed 320-gram putter with integrated carbon composite, which moves the majority of the weight to the perimeter.

The heavier head is ideal for those looking to stop a shaking right or left hand. The True Path Alignment System provides the perfect line and helps stability.

The weight of this Putter and the pedigree of Taylormade make it ideal for those looking to eliminate Shaky hands while putting.

The Pinemeadow Golf Site 4 Putter

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  • Perfect Balance
  • Lower Center Of Gravity

The Pinemeadow Putter blends the perfect balance and a lower center of gravity for improved stability and balance in the putter head.

The Putter is not only heavy but does a great job helping to align your putts with their “Site Plate” and offset hosel features.

They have reasonably priced this Putter, and it is a good option for those not looking to spend big dollars

Golf Tees

The Brush T Pack of 3 Oversized Tees

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  • Less Resistance
  • Consistent Height
  • USGA Permitted

The Brush T Pack bristles allow you to hit the ball with less friction off the tee.

The large bristles allow players with shaky hands to place the ball on the tee with confidence every time. The tees offer consistent setup height and are made of long-lasting, durable plastic.

The Senior Golf Tees with Large Head Size

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  • Large Head
  • Durable Plastic
  • Designed by a senior golfer for senior golfers

The Senior Golf Tees make it the perfect tee for those players suffering from shaky hands. It can be embarrassing to spend 1-2 minutes trying to place the ball on the tee, and these tees help alleviate that problem.

Also great for Physically disabled persons.

Champkey Big Cup Plus 3-1/4″ Golf Tees

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  • Oversized Head
  • Friction Reducing
  • Stable
  • 100% money-back guarantee

The Champkey has an oversized head helping players tee up with confidence.

The oversized head also reduces friction and sidespin. The larger head allows you to tilt the ball by as much as 20 percent towards the target, and the unique two-step design gives a high degree of stability and durability.


Standing over your putts with shaky hands is a real problem many players face.

Techniques such as Goal Orientation, Pre-Shot Routine, and Putting Stroke are all designed to help players with shaky hands.

Remember, though, learning to become “task-focused” is an absolute imperative. Focus on the task, not the result.

I’m confident that if you follow the steps outlined above, you’ll be on your way to a smooth, repetitive putting stroke without the shaking hands.

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