How Long Does It Take To Play 18 Holes Of Golf

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Golf is a great way to socialize with friends, but one of its main deterrents for people who are busy and have little time in their schedules is the amount of time it takes them to complete an entire game. A survey led by the R&A discovered that 60% percent more golfers would enjoy playing if rounds were completed faster than they currently take.

The time it takes to complete a round of golf will depend on a number of factors, such as the size of the group, the skill level of the players, the size of the course, the traffic around the course, as well as the mode of traveling around the course.

Read on if you’re wondering how long does it take to play 18 holes of golf and what you can do to help yourself get through your rounds faster!

Factors affecting how long a round of golf takes and how to reduce it

Group size

If the course isn’t busy and your pace of play is on point; a round of 18 holes can be finished as quickly as two-and-a-half hours for a single player on an empty golf course or up to four hours if playing in a group of four. The average time required for completion will depend largely upon how many people are in your group.

If you feel that your group size is slowing you down, then try to split up your group and by skill levels.

Player skills

A golfer’s handicap will without a doubt affect the length of time it takes to play 18 holes. For the experienced golfer who is a par or below, finishing 18 holes with a group of four similar skilled players can happen in as fast as three hours even walking.

You don’t expect a beginner to play golf the same way a golf expert will. If you are just starting out, it may feel like things take longer than they should or that tasks seem harder at first–but this is something all players go through so there’s no need for concern.

To become a better skilled player, all you need is practice! To make things easier for yourself, take lessons from professionals and read more about the game. But to really get ahead of your competition, invest in some gear that will help improve performance.

Golf course design and difficulty

The golf course difficulty should not be underestimated when determining how long it will take to you to play a round of 18 holes. The more obstacles (rough, bunkers, water hazards trees and bushes) there are that make the game harder for players to recover their golf ball then the longer the game will take.

If you find yourself in the situation where your score no longer matters because you cannot make any more progress on a particular hole, pick up your golf ball. It will help speed things along.

Traffic on the course

On a very busy course, players could wait as long as five minutes on each tee box before starting the hole and if not enough time is left for tee offs between each group, the course can quickly become overcrowded.

One way to beat the crowds at your favorite course is by booking tee times early in the morning. Make sure you do research first, though – the last thing anyone wants is to show up on an overcrowded golf course and be stuck waiting for their shot!

If you see that the golf course is crowded when you get there, try to stagger your tee off so that you are not right after the previous group.

Mode of transport around the golf course

If you walk around the golf course, either by carrying your bag or using a pushcart, then expect to play for longer.

If time is essential, consider riding in a golf cart.

The weather

The game of golf is all about the concentration and focus. When you have to deal with distractions like rain or strong winds, your performance will suffer considerably and it can end up taking longer for you to finish.

Using the right golf gear is a must for golfing in the rain. Pack your bag with an umbrella, rain gloves, waterproof shoes and rain hoods (for your clubs). Also think of bringing a plastic bag to store you cell phone and golf rangefinder if they are not waterproof.


Average time to play 18 holes of golf with a golf cart

By using a golf cart, you could shave off up to 30 minutes from your time to finish a full 18 holes course.

How long does it take to play nine holes of golf?

If you think playing 18 holes will take too long, try 9 holes. On average a round on a 9-hole course takes just under one hour fifteen minutes for 1 player, one hour thirty minutes for 2 players, one hour fourty five minutes for 3 players or two hours for 4 players.

How long does a game of mini golf take?

Miniature golf courses have many shapes and sizes, the number of holes are usually a multiple of 9. The most common mini golf course is an 18 hole that will take around 30-45 minutes for an average golfer but this will depend on the course layout difficulty or if you’re playing in a group.

Final Thoughts

You now know the average time it takes to complete 18 holes of golf. You also know what could be slowing down your game and how you can play at a more reasonable pace.

If you are a beginner try to start by playing on nine holes and then gradually work your way up.

Don’t stress too much about speeding through your game, though. Golf is a game that requires practice and dedication. Instead of always considering how long the round will take, focus on becoming better players instead.