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Hot yoga class

Hot Yoga A Hot Trend With Benefits

Yoga is one of the oldest known forms of both physical fitness and emotional development. Practicing yoga is an opportunity to exercise while being in tune with your body, and ... Read moreHot Yoga A Hot Trend With Benefits

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man doing chip shot golf

How to Chip a Golf Ball

Chipping on the golf course looks easy from afar. But when it comes time to actually do it, many amateur players find themselves at a loss on how to get ... Read moreHow to Chip a Golf Ball

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Woman in position for draw shot

How To Hit A Draw

Your drive is one of the most important parts of your golf game. It sets the table for how you will approach the hole from that point forward. A great ... Read moreHow To Hit A Draw

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Man holding a golf club

How To Hold A Golf Club

When learning the game of golf, it’s important to remember that your only connection point to the club is your hands. Golfers find the grip to be annoying to practice. ... Read moreHow To Hold A Golf Club

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