Arccos Golf Launches World’s First AI Powered Rangefinder

arccos ai golf rangefinder

The future of golf rangefinders may just be here. As of January 23rd, 2020, Arccos Golf has unveiled their brand new, cutting edge AI (artificial intelligence) operated rangefinder utilizing their Arccos Caddie app.

Customers that have the Arccos Caddie app will now be able to take advantage of the real-time slope and weather calculations that it is capable of, and of course, it is all powered by AI.

Arccos bringing artificial intelligence into the world of golf rangefinders is exciting and new, now let’s take a look at what we can expect from it as well as what it brings to the game.

What Advantages Will It Bring To The Game?

The AI powered rangefinder will provide you with extremely precise and trustworthy yardages. This is not only useful to your game, but it also is a blessing that you can get such accurate yardage calculations without needing additional hardware, such as an expensive rangefinder.

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The real-time slope and weather calculations are infinitely helpful and accurate, but also provide a level of features and precision that you often times can only find in the highest end, most expensive rangefinders that are available on the market.

The new artificial intelligence feature also reads wind conditions such as direction, gusts and speed. Being able to read the wind takes a lot of the guess work out of teeing off on a breezy day or trying to get out of the rough when there are big gusts of wind blowing.

The biggest advantage that Arccos Golf brings to the table with the addition of the AI powered rangefinder is the effortless portability, i.e. literal mobility, eliminating the need to grab additional gear to take with you out on the links. Being able to pop your phone in and out of your pocket while getting accurate real-time calculations from a device that you would have taken with you anyway is a huge advantage out on the course.

Add to that the precision and accuracy that you can count on from its readings and calculations, and you’ve got a nice bonus advantage on the course.

None of this would mean anything, however, if it was not coming for a reputable manufacturer. Arccos Golf has spent years earning recognition and praise within the vast industry that is golf.

About Arccos Golf

As recently as 2018, Arccos Golf was honoured as the #3 World’s Most Innovative Companies alongside several other highly valued businesses. This is because of the tireless effort that they put into creating their system.

Arccos Golf compiled data based on over 100 million shots and over 750,000 rounds of golf in order to inform and build their artificial intelligence system to accurately provide users with readings. This should come as no surprise, however, as Arccos Golf is partnered with Microsoft and has very high standards for providing accurate calculations and an easy experience for the golfer.

As time goes on, Arccos Golf’s new AI powered rangefinder will only serve to continue their tradition and recognition within the industry.

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